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  1. Hey everyone! I am Douglas6125, and I am the owner of the clan I Talant. Our clan is primarily social based, however in terms of the events we do we do them based on whatever the clan mates feel like doing, whether that is skilling, questing or just partying! There are no requirements to join our clan, but obviously the basics are needed, things such as being active in the game, the clan chat, and within the clan official forum website. We are a very small clan at the moment, and have got a Clan Citadel running, with more clan members we can do a whole lot more events more often, and have a full blown high level citadel running as well! We run events such as the following: - Social Slayer - Skilling Sessions - Clue Scrolls - Dungeoneering - Parties! - Clan Citadel - Minigames My RuneScape Username is: Douglas6125 please comment on here and PM me in game if you would like to join Douglas6125 =)
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