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  1. So, as gift to myself and as a test I spent all my money from trading in at a game store recently to purchase 600 spins on the squeal of fortune. From that I've come to the conclusion the wheel is actually rigged to avoid giving out lucky items or large lanterns at the same odds as other rares. My data for this? Out of 600 spins, I have received 46 rare prizes, of those 14 were the skill clothes items and the rest were prized amulets. Not one of the rares ever landed on a lucky even though the odds state under normal odds of winning one rare over the other during a spin that I should of won at least half a dozen of the other rare types, that being lucky and lanterns. Mind you this is not even talking about the super rare. From this we can assume that jagex has actually rigged it this way to force players to continue to use the wheel even if they win by only giving out items with set durations, which both the pendants and clothse have. Is very underhanded of them. Also, after you have won most of the prized amulets and skill clothes, they start replacing more and more of the rares with large recharge gems, though they still only give 5 just like the uncommon large recharge gem wins. They also replace them with the prismatic prized amulets, and not the other items you might be after.
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