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  1. Vesta

    Doesn't Work

    well you first must change the process to "Wmgame" aka program name within the jagex file cache (its called JagexLauncher[Caution: Executable File] in the folder) then you would go to your gfx card settings and add game, scroll and search for "Wmgame" under the settings you would click AA 4x override all settings (allowing u to bloom + AA) and yeah pretty much restart
  2. Vesta

    Doesn't Work

    then i cant AA + Bloom :( is there any way around it?
  3. Vesta

    Doesn't Work

    Yes! I have altered the client to Accustom to AA + Bloom Dx Gfx
  4. Vesta

    Doesn't Work

    nothing works Lol
  5. Vesta

    Doesn't Work

  6. Vesta

    Doesn't Work

    No Ctrl M doesnt help, and nothing appears, i only see the blue screen. that asks me for settings.
  7. Vesta

    Doesn't Work

    Downloaded Dg Sweeper, Tried it in all Graphics settings, the dg map just doesn't appear.
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