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  1. idk if you have skype but if you wanna skype me hit me up "kadephillips" is my skype name, might be easier to communicate there
  2. also dont know what i did here but it screenied my screen but not my map, only once, couldnt get it to do it again http://puu.sh/2ey9j
  3. I just got this message when I clicked the "disable aero" ? http://puu.sh/2ey3f dunno if that matters
  4. and the options: texture-http://puu.sh/2ey0B anisot. .. . -http://puu.sh/2ey13 vertex -http://puu.sh/2ey1y vertical http://puu.sh/2ey20
  5. took me a while to find that, i set my stuff to these settings http://puu.sh/2exPj and still it doesnt work? tell me if i have those set wrong
  6. Hey have you been able to look into this at all? It's getting frusturating not being able to use dgs. It wont work in fixed, full screen, nothin, :(
  7. Sorry to hear that man, hope all is well. Still haven't a clue to why it doesn't work and nobody else seems to know, no rush at all! talk to ya soon i hope.
  8. does this help? lol sorry im such a noob http://puu.sh/1ZFqo
  9. Lol well, I'm clearly a computer noob. How do I figure out what my graphics card is and control center
  10. It's only on 100% how do I do the other thing?
  11. I've read a few of the forum posts on this thread and still can't get this to work.....sooo here is my problem lol These are my settings http://puu.sh/1YrGv open my map and nothing works http://puu.sh/1YrI2 guess thats all my options http://puu.sh/1YrKA would really appreciate some feedback on why it won't work :c Thanks Much! ~ps this is the newest version of dgsweeper idk if that matters~
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