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  1. The new Divination weaving items that should be added to the Divination Skill Guide are as follows. I'm unsure of the xp rates per item. NAME LEVEL PRIMARY INGREDIENT SECONDARY INGREDIENT XP Divine crayfish 1 Pale Energy x 5 Raw Crayfish x 20 bubble Divine herring 11 Flickering Energy x 15 Raw Herring x 20 bubble Divine trout 20 Bright Energy x 15 Raw Trout x 20 bubble Divine salmon 31 Glowing Energy x 15 Raw Salmon x 20 bubble Divine lobster 41 Sparkling Energy x 70 Raw Lobster x 20 bubble Divine swordfish 53 Gleaming Energy x 70 Raw Swordfish x 20 bubble Divine shark 79 Lusterous Energy x 60 Raw Shark x 20 bubble Divine cavefish 89 Radiant Energy x 70 Raw Cavefish x 15 bubble Divine rocktail 91 Luminous Energy x 80 Raw Rocktail x 10 bubble
  2. On the coord clue for 00.30 North 24.16 East it needs to be changed because that prayer update in Lumbridge Swamp. It's no longer North-East of the shack to Zanaris. The real coords have changed to 00.50 North 24.16. It puts you two steps North of the Northern Purification Bowl. Here is a link to an updated screenshot of it. http://gyazo.com/752f656d6028460af26a84b19103a3d6
  3. This is an old note that I found on my laptop. I noticed you guys didn't have this item in the database so here it is. I had this item back when the quest was released and saved the data.
  4. Examine: A fancy staff, used by clowns and jesters. Weight: 0.72 kg Members: Yes Quest item: Yes Tradeable: No Stackable: No High alchemy: 0 gp Low alchemy: 0 gp Location: Was obtained as part of the Jester Outfit in The Freminnik Isles quest. Uses: Wear it to complete the Jester Outfit. Notes: This item is no longer existing in the game, it was removed in 2005. Obtaining one is impossible. Links: Discontinued Items Tags: Discontinued
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