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  1. I no longer need this. Bought 83k unids and resold all of them for 300 each =D Made a big profit.
  2. Hey guys well I am trying to get to 99 RC while making nats. My CC is TouYaj and the world will be 310. I am in need of nat runners Visit my stream at: twitch.tv/touyaj
  3. Thanks for that =D but yeah anyone who wants to sell I am spending over 100m
  4. Hey guys I am buiyng 100k uni herbs I will be buying them for 100 each IGN: TouYaj
  5. I never traded EOC gp for it. Find it rude people assume that. Anywho I am now making a def pure you can add me at TouYaj
  6. Hey guys I am offering my clan chat for Tip.it Username: n00b say wat
  7. Would any1 be up for this? www.2x-tremegaming.com I am a vbulletin developer and have already made a o7 runescape theme
  8. Day 3 I made over 8m just purely merching 15+ hours a day. Here is first screen shot I have been live-streaming it ever since: www.twitch.tv/touyaj My 50m video: http://www.twitch.tv/touyaj/b/372403911
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