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  1. basically i just spun a lucky bgs, i already have one of these normally, should i sell this? what im asking is, is the lucky bgs exactly the same as the bgs but free, the same question goes to all future lucky items get too. many thanks SMWB
  2. so i have around 700 red,green and gold charms, i want to train summoning but dont know how to go about it. I have 58 summoning at the mo but i want a war tortouise, i regard my combat skills as reasonably high. what would be the best way to train it? what would be the estimated cost too? cheers blakesco109
  3. also, in c2 is the exp still quicker than doing trout/salmon with full ff suit and fishing pendant bonuses?
  4. so im 94 fishing, near enough 95, so i am gonna do the 99 now, i was thinking powerfishing salmon/trout and doing ff when i can, but a friend said barbarian would be quicker, even without the ease of the 1 press drop, what are your views? any better methods? and any rough time it would take? thanks!! blakesco109
  5. so i did dungeoneering the first day it ever came out, after that i havent done it, i go to the dungeoneering worlds but the only teams recruiting are floors 40+ but i am currently on floor 4 (but i am level 34 dung) its just the last floor i was on, any ideas on ways to join teams? thanks blakesco109
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