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  1. First, I'm no newcomer but apparently the email address I had set for my other account is no longer in service xD Now, I'm just asking to see if I have this right on the way to train my skills: Fletching: Broad arrows Crafting: D'hide stuff? I think I heard of something like an actions/tick limit that was added so feather headdresses might be out now? (Sure feels like there is a limit now at least) Smithing: Artisan's Workshop since it's semi-afk Thieving: Pyramid Plunder because I like to collect cosmetic gear (Black Ibis) Farming:Yews+Papayas? Hunter: I was getting 100k+ an hour at falconry, and was only getting 60kish at Igneous Jadinkos, where am I going wrong? Construction: Oak larders or mahogany tables? Wow I didn't realize how few skills I had left xD Thanks in advance :D
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