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  1. Alright so a little background info on me. I have played Runescape since around 2005 and am currently playing and leveling a zerker pure on old school Runescape. However I have always wanted to make videos (whether they be guides, funny or even pointless yet entertaining videos) so I have recently decided too. I love to live stream and often upload segments of the live stream to youtube. I have a lot of runescape knowledge to offer and a lot of interesting Ideas a lot of Runescaper's might find handy. I think it would be cool to get a thread started for everyone to share their videos and grow their channels. I for one will subscribe to anyone that supports me as well. If you're interested you can check out my youtube videos and subscribe at http://www.youtube.com/user/RtThreeRS?feature=mhee Also you can follow my live stream at: http://www.twitch.tv/rtthreers Any support is greatly appreciated and I would love to get involved in this thread and community in general.
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