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  1. Just got internet again after moving to a new location and its been awhile so rusty on the game and this whole new combat systems new to me yet but I'll be alright ;) Anyway, looking for a clan that isn't full of immature kids..... somewhere that no ones going to have a fit cause I said a naughty word. (Last I checked we have sensors for this people). Also one that isn't going to be up my arse about everything more or less just a place to enjoy company of other people and be able to receive or give help. Char: Acidic Mist Cmb: 162 Total: 1465 Atk: 78 Def: 79 Str: 81 Con: 80 Prayer: 69 Sum: 63 None of my skills are very impressive so won't even bother posting them. I have been playing this game Off and On since RUNESCAPE CLASSIC. Most of you have never had the amazing pleasure of playing Classic so don't want to hear being called a newb from anyone. I've forgot more about this game then most of you will ever learn.... lol ;)
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