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  1. Thanks, Xena. Calculating always takes time. Glad you confirmed it. Great job, as always! :thumbsup:
  2. Hi TearGod, I'm fairly sure that the calculator is expected to freeze the page while it is calculating. Mine has always froze during that time and I am also unable to scroll. However, I never have any issues once it is finished with the calculations. If you have four ships, the first calculation takes a bit of time but it gets faster when you have less ships to check. I'd suggest just clicking on the tab to start the calculation and just wait it out before scrolling or clicking anything. Perhaps that will help. I'm sure Xena_Dragon will be notified and will get you all fixed. Good luck! :D
  3. Hi Deathlord! My calculator is working great. I'm wondering if you have accidentially unchecked all of your captains and crew. Check to make sure they are all checked by looking under 'Captain and Crew'. On the left under that heading is a box to check 'Select All'. This will select all of the captains and crew to use. As for the ship upgrades, I have not found the checkmarks at the top of each column to work properly. I have all of the upgrades and physically checked each one manually in order for it to work for me. Hope this helps! :D
  4. Ahhh.. Now I get it! Thank you for the explanation. The Sleek seems to be working well too. You're awesome! \:D/
  5. Thank you for the quick response, Saradomin. I'm still a bit confused and don't want to mess up my calculator by adding stats that I am unsure of. I'll just keep it as it is for now and if I need to add something specific, I'll do that later on. I'm just grateful for the calculator at all. :D
  6. Thank you for your hard work, Xena! I'll check out the Sleek function when my ships come in later today. I do have a question regarding the traits. My captains have traits such as Fast Learner, Eagle-Eyed, Eager, Plucky, etc. The only traits that are coming up as options are Leader, Tactician, Seafriend, Gloombringer, Liability, and Storm Magnet. None of my captains have any of these traits, nor have I ever come across any of these other than Leader. Is there something else I need to do to correct this on my end? Thank you again for your help, it is appreciated. :D
  7. Thanks Xena! I appreciate the quick response and hope you can figure out the sleek shipwright and get it working. PS... I only mentioned the traits because I read it on other posts. I never even thought about it being part of the calculator. :D
  8. I've been using the calculator since I built my 4th ship and I love it! Thank you! Today, however, I noticed that the calculator is not computing the Shipwright Upgrade 'sleek' correctly. The percentages are showing lower than when I add the info into the interface on RuneScape. I am using IE 9 with cookies saved to my computer. All was working great until today when I upgraded my Shipwright to sleek. Just wanted to give a heads up incase no one else reported this. =] Lastly, I see that traits have been added... How do we add traits? I see no where on the calculator that we can add any traits to the Captains. All of mine have 4 traits each.
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