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  1. On another note, I have quit RS (as you can tell from my inactivity). I have not been on RS for close to a year now and I'm glad I reached my 10m burnt food goal! Life has just been overwhelming with the end of my uni and finally starting a career. I may pop in here every now and then, but no promises! hope everyone reading this is doing well :)
  2. I don't play anymore sadly. I'm sure there are some collectors still hanging around that would gladly buy them :P Sorry the the late response!
  3. Seeing as he has not been online on here since 5 months ago, I think you would be best off sending him a PM in-game to find out. :) I have been really busy nowadays and have quit since. Apologise for the super delayed response, but I give you permission to lock/close this thread if it needs to be :)
  4. Updated OP! Using my alt to buy burnts/weeds is going well so far :) Also made a nice purchase (if you noticed I kinda underpaid by 6.7m on accident, so I'll be giving him the gp I mistyped :P)
  5. Decided to start buying burnt food/weeds with my noob account by shouting "Buying burnt food/weeds 150ea!" in several worlds, while I go for 120 mining on my main (Ayeshun) since its really AFK! I'll be updating my mining xp every 5m or so and nooby account progress on the burnt food/weeds weekly or whenever I feel like I've made enough progress :) First goal I have in mind is 100k overall burnts, but 1M burnts will be the long term goal for this account's progress. Here's the second day of the account so far: PS. I've made another section on the OP with my nooby collection progress too :)
  6. There is a main thread on the RSOF focussed on collection selling, buying and discussion, so feel free to check it out! :) QFC for collection thread: 41-42-357-65203129 You can also join the FC "Miffdor" in-game if you like! There are a lot of great people in the FC and thread who all have the same interested - collecting
  7. This is the trade that got me 10M burnt food! The name should be familiar if you've seen the previous trades before :) The bank pic will be updated once I am able to go online again (I was too excited I forgot to screenie the bank -.-). Thank you to everyone that has contributed to my goal of 10M burnt food!! It doesn't matter if it was 100, or 100k, because at the end of the day, each one counted. What's going to happen now? - First off, I'll still be collecting burnt food! - I have a goal of obtaining 100k burnt crunchies. approx. 180k crunchy trays will be needed and any help is appreciated! Bank deposit boxes will be of great help, but sadly I've used all of mine up. - Attaining as many 100k burnt food stacks as possible is another long term goal of mine. Won't be reaching that anytime soon due to the rarity of some of the burnt food. - The big question I get asked about after I reach 10m burnt food: Will I ever go for 10M of one type of burnt food? YES!! 10M burnt sharks will be my first 10M burnt food stack. It will be a very long term goal as there are about 6M burnt sharks active from collectors that I know off (incl mine). My estimation may be way off, but it should be around that region.
  8. Also, a small update. Reached 2 of the 4 sandwich lady exclusive items a recently! Updated non ge items collections
  9. 121k black toy horsies :O I'll elaborate on how/who collected these and some history about this exclusive collection in the OP (interesting trades tab). Will also update the non ge tradables collections pic soon :)
  10. I actually have just over 500 fork handles and 252 insect repellent from doing farm runs :P and thanku!
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