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  1. by "s" do u mean a whole section for the skills like "k" for keys or do u mean so u can drag a s over a door?
  2. Why not replace the gold shield with a skill icon? i agree
  3. thats not what i ment at all ..... i ment say if a door needs theving to open it u should be able to drag the theiving logo over it so when u have the pot to boost the lvl to open the door u know which one ur opening
  4. You need to add skilling markers so say if theres a theiving door that no one in the dung can do wtihout being boosted they know which door they need to go to when they have the potion for the boost
  5. How do i get rid of this i dont want it anymore and i cant get it off because its aparently open somwhere????
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