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  1. Very sure I didn't do anything wrong...report it to Jagex???...why??...they couldn't care less about any player problems...just sit on their hands and count their money!!!....worst gamesite in the world...tired of their "[bleep] you,just keep paying" attitude...so pathetic and shameful.
  2. Log back on to find all my bonus xp for invention has gone...anyone else having this happen??
  3. Anyone like Jagex to do SOMETHING....ANYTHING about this...perhaps APOLOGISE!!! to it's PAYING customers for being so completely hopeless....morons!!
  4. Jagex robs us again...wishing well plants are a blatant scam...expect to do well by earning high level skills,forget about that!!!!....Jagex wants you to lose money!!!..what a [bleep]ing ripoff.Once again Jagex shows it's true colours...[bleep]ing scumbags.
  5. I'm all at sea regarding the use of the "wardrobe"...I see people disappearing into the curtained thing...what's it all about??...can someone direct me to where this is explained simply???...ok I'm stupid
  6. Ok...I've given up trying to find a way to access the screen that enables me to change combat styles...please don't tell me to press F4 as this only brings up the Launchpad on Mac...is this common to other Mac users???..more importantly WHAT IS JAGEX DOING ABOUT THIS!!!!...I pay to play this game and this is blatant thievery...Mac users money is the same as everyones....wake up Jagex!!!
  7. Having a bit of trouble with the "create a portent " challenge...made one,used it(bird one)..quartermaster will NOT take or credit me with complete status...any help here please as now I can't access "normal" daily challenges...really this new interface is awful and I'm falling behind in my understanding of the game...I don't understand how the "customisation" works...so much stuff is beyond me now and I was just about to put some time aside to try and catch up when this new interface arrived and now I'm really struggling just to run the game...ok I'm stupid but things have changed so fast recently that I can't keep up
  8. Help!!! I'm completely lost here..somehow I've turned on the god only knows what and can't get back to normal access for daily challenges...I [bleep]ing hate this new interface...all I want to do is change/pin a new daily challenge and now I'm stuck in some stupid Taverly beginners task and unable to cancel it or change it...really this interface is appalling!!!!
  9. the bit where you have to "inspect" weapons...tried everything but the "training" won't move on..thanks for help
  10. Anyone know where I can get help about making the combat academy work??.....in game instructions don't seem to work and with the awful new interface I'm really stuck here..thanks
  11. I did read the instructions...I'm not an idiot nor am I illiterate...I've helped several players past this glitch,none of whom were receiving the correct instructions until they stood on the area of the flower bed east of the gate...
  12. well that's all and good except those instructions do not appear UNLESS YOU'RE ACTUALLY STANDING ON THE PATCH OF GRASS!!!....don't be such a non helper...if you want to have a go at people do it with someone else...I'm not an idiot and neither would it seem are the other four players Ive helped through this glitch..I'm not fixated on anything ...as for you I can only suggest you stop brown nosing to Jagex and realise that these things do happen in a game this complex and you should stop assuming it's always the fault of the player.
  13. yet another attempt to get past Jagex vague and confusing challenges....can someone PLEASE,PLEASE tell me what I'm doing wrong when I attempt to do the emissary of Saramodin combat job that involves freeing the codebreaker held prisoner in the Yanille gatehouse...I've killed a lot of guards but I'm not progressing...what am I missing?...tried using banner on guards...tried bloody EVERYTHING...so annoying
  14. Well thanks Tempest Mike but that doesn't work...nothing bloody works...must have killed a lot by now...problem is I can't challenge guards.
  15. I'm totally stuck on the second part of the Saradomin combat job..or is it the second job?...never mind...can't find anybody under guard in the gatehouse...so vague sometimes this game
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