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  1. JackR

    Map not connecting

    I am connected to you, and this is what I see. http://i.imgur.com/0U4a2Po.png I tried to connect to a friend and I do not see anything.
  2. JackR

    Map not connecting

    I just put it in and updated it to my map, I do not see yours
  3. JackR

    Map not connecting

    I am connected with both keys like I said, and I just got basic data and put a key down, his still says "No update necessary?" and mine does too. He put a key down and it still says the same thing, and nothing new is on my mape and it says nothing about being updated.
  4. JackR

    Map not connecting

    I fixed that map being big, I need help with them connecting. =\
  5. You can put it on the ignore list, and report it to Norton that it is okay.
  6. I gave my friend the code that it generated and it did not work. So we gave each other the codes, and seen if it worked that way it didn/t. Yes it stated we where connected, but did not share the map.
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