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  1. Vala

    Making 37m?

    Any items you recommend? Been trying things out, arrows, runes, food, ore, but not much profit. 20M? :/ how long did it take you to complete 1 flip usually? Dungeoneering reallyyyy isn't my... favourite skill. I'd rather avoid it completely if possible. Any non-combat suggestions? May try out waterfiends though, ty.
  2. work soon :(

  3. Vala

    Making 37m?

    I get this will take me a while, but just wondering if anyone has any ways of making at least 500k p/h I have a minimum level of 50 in all skills, if this helps at all. At the moment i'm making about 250k p/h, that requires 63 magic (i have 71). i have 5.5m to spend. help would be appreciated :)
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