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  1. Our Clan Chat is once again open for the weekend, join "Kingdom of Asgarnia" and join the fun :D
  2. The Clan Chat is opn to guests for the weekend, join "Kingdom of Asgarnia" to check us out :)
  3. We have a load of PvM events happening this weekend, come and see what we're all about! Join "Kingdom of Asgarnia" and say hi :)
  4. It's Friday, and that means our Clan Chat is open again for the weekend! IF you're not sure you want to join our clan, pop on by and say hi to see if it's the place for you :) Clan Chat - Kingdom of Asgarnia
  5. Our Clanchat is staying open for an extra day for the Easter bank holiday, feel free to pop in and say hi :)
  6. Our clan chat is now open for the weekend, if you fancy giving it a try, pop along to "Kingdom of Asgarnia" and see if it's for you :)
  7. The cc is now open to guests each weekend, come along and see if KoA is the clan for you :)
  8. Last weekend of the open Clan Chat :)
  9. Just for the month of July, we are opening our clan chat at the weekends. From Friday 8pm BST/3pm EDT each weekend, you can come and join our clan chat and get a taste of what KoA is all about. Why not drop in for a while and see if KoA is for you!
  10. We have changed our forum web address: http://koaclan.co.uk
  11. Just for the month of July KoA are opening their clan chat at weekends. From Friday 10pm BST/5pm EST until Monday 10pm BST/5pm EST each weekend you can come and join our clan chat and get a taste of what KoA is all about. Why not drop in for a while and see if KoA is for you.
  12. That's great thanks for the quick reply.
  13. Whenever I try to post an image it blocks it and shows the link instead.. as above, tried a few hosts, now uploaded to the clan server. Still the same.
  14. ---- website ----- Clan Chat open Friday evening - Sunday evening to guests, come and try it out!! Clan Chat name, yes, you guessed it "Kingdom of Asgarnia" Requirements: 100+ combat or 1500 Skill total. No Drama. What is KoA? KoA is the Kingdom of Asgarnia clan. The most active Runescape clan for adults. Founded in 2002 and Re-born in 2007 as an adult clan. KoA has stood the test of time. 30+ official events every month. Many more unofficial events. Over 60 posts a day on the forums - 125'000 posts to date. We recognize that as adults it can be a struggle to fit Runescape in around Real life, this is why we have removed our activity requirements for the clan. We could be considered an eventing clan, we place a strong emphasis on having a large variety and regularity of events, to make sure that everyone has opportunity to do things they might not be able to do on their own and to build on our strong sense of community. We don't expect you to go to god-wars or KBD if you are a skiller, we don't expect you to go to livid farm if you hate farming. We hope to provide as wide a range of events as possible, so you can choose the things you enjoy. We're not killers, we're not skillers. We are a community, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the game, who enjoy Runescape, who are adults, who want to socialize with other adults in-game. We hope that future members come to think of KoA as their Runescape home. To join KoA please visit our website http://koaclan.co.uk
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