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  1. I bought spinds too- there any chance they will change this- make it for the summer and the crown more accessible? Rowan Thanks for the support guys-
  2. Hi, I don't think you have given us all enough time to gather the different crowns to be able to get the crown. I am very dissapointed about it. Thought the crown was a great idea. It should be avialable through the summer, OR easeir to get the things needed. I frmed and herbed for three days and got nothing- I could have gotten those last two with like 150 ad 100 leaves. I might have had a chance but today is the last day to get the things and the crown to put them on isn't easy or inexpensive to get either. Next time you do something cool- give people enough time to enjoy it and have a chance to get it- offer it more often- Kerry aka Rowan Ash If I could pin this I would because I bet others feel the same way too- and what's with the equal trade rule- that sucked too. With my hubands leaves and seeds I could at least maybe get the crown because he doesn't care about it RAH there I'm done-
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