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  1. Poison Vs Critical Damage Critical Damage began the day hearing that Poison would be fighting Vitality, and so they massed with 90 opts ready to fight. CD would step into the Poison Versus Vitality fight and try their hardest to send Poison packing up! Wait, What's this? The Titans would step in to help Poison in forcing Critical Damage out of the wilderness. It appears it would be Critical Damage Versus Poison/Vitality/The Titans. Starting: Critical Damage: 90 Opts Poison: 48 Opts The Titans: 90 Opts Vitality: 48 Opts Cd would march their way north into level 48 wilderness and begin the assault. Both opposing forces would rush into each other and scramble about. CD took no time in wasting precious piles and advancing for the lead. Knowing it or not knowing it, they would be claiming the spider hill while the opposing force was left to search for a plan, but CD did not want to let their opponents breathe, so they went for the chase and claimed a few more lives. CD, now at level 42 wilderness, would be spamming their team's name proudly in purple. CD would be moving east at level 44 wilderness searching for their victims. The fight would begin again north of Red Dragon Isle. A few spams of Vitality and TT would be seen, but Poison was the only clan of the opposing force spamming the most. Sadly, their pride shown would not be enough to save them. The opposing force seemed to be completely in a shock as they were slowly deteriorating. CD did not let these clans breathe at all! Slowly moving east to level 43 east by Red Dragon Isle, CD and poison/Vitality would meet head on. You would think at this point, CD would be absolutely slaughtered, seeing as how Poison and Vitality had more numbers, but this was not the case. Never count the little guy out! CD would still be in control fighting off what seemed to be mainly Vitality members. Where was poison? It seemed to be as if they had been cleared by CD. Now, CD vs Vit at Red Dragon Isle, how could these even be possible? I have no idea, but one thing is, they have damn good experienced tankers. Vitality would try their best to smother CD but it would not rid them at all. Shortly after the clearing of Vitality, Poison would come back to strike again. Level 47 Wilderness Northwest of Demonic Hills by the white lights. CD would be seen claiming a life of the opposing force. The two sides clearly would not call off an early pk trip. The fight would move to level 38 Wilderness in which it seemed like the majority of the opposing force was Vitality. Poison would eventually rush in from the south and the War would continue. At this point the fight would move south. CD was still controlling this fight and handling the opposition well. CD had absolutely no problems 1banging the enemy. Critical Damage were just simply amazing at this point. CD would now be fighting at level 36 wilderness, where they would meet up their rivals. Poison had spirit and kept trying their hardest to win the war. From level 37 caves, they would fight by mossies. CD would encounter PH awaiting, but they would still be focused on primary opposition, Poison/Vit/TT. At this point it was just a massfest of different clans. Vitality would not be seen (Logged), it would just be Poison and TT against CD. CD, in my opinion, suffocated the opposition and chased them around the map. Poison did show spirit but could not do so much, until the end. TT would appear to save Poison from further embarrassment. The fight would end and CD would prevail in this war. TT and Poison seemed to have disappeared from the wilderness. It was a very exciting match and has to be the best matchup today. Three Versus One and yet CD still seemed very determined. As to how they prepare their members for this? I've no idea, but they surely have worked their magic. Ending Critical Damage: 75 Opts Poison: Cleared The Titans: Cleared Vitality: Logged Violent Resolution Vs Echo of Silence A match in which Violent Resolution says "Eos was embarrassing themselves"(Hex_HD, Violent Resolution vs Eos: 7 July 2013, 7 July 2013). The War began in level 45 wilderness. VR quickly rushed the demonic ruins and just like that, a huge scramble broke out. Violent Resolution was quickly starting as a dominant clan and showed absolutely no mercy against EOS. The war would travel to the west and back to the Ruins, and then north. Violent Resolution would take time in regrouping and pushing EOS away from the Ruins, but EOS simply would not quit. EOS tried to force their stay and rush VR and try to take down their tanks, but VR would simply clear them away. The fight would eventually be pushed to the northwest again at level 47 wilderness. Soon it would travel down to the Lava Maze and Mossies. The clans would be spamming flames against each other, trying to tempt the other to make a critical error, but VR wouldn't fall into that basic mistake. Violent Resolution would end the day clearing EOS in a matter of four minutes. Starting Violent Resolution: 90 Opts Echo of Silence: 90 Opts Genesis Vs Pure Hatred and The Titans A match up which brings excitement to my soul, Genesis versus Pure Hatred and The Titans. Genesis appeared to have gotten word that certains clans were heading into the Wilderness. So genesis went into the Wilderness looking to pack some heat on The Titans and Pure Hatred. A few facts about Genesis's Sunday; they had no generals on, and they believed they have had an "off day" considering they massed up 30 people. Well, let's see how off their day was. Starting: Genesis: 32 Members Pure Hatred and The Titans: 55 Members The fight began at level 44 Wilderness a little east of Red Dragon isle. Genesis rushed the opposing force into Spiders territory, and would claim the life of Blast Unit. They would regroup and find the next target, 4rcher zone. He would tank for a few seconds before being dropped by Genesis. Genesis would now be on top of the Spiders hill and mage someone by the name of King Stevie (correct if wrong). He would not last and the blasters of genesis would claim another life for their clan. The war would quickly escalate with no time to regroup. Same Enzo would be the next target for Genesis. He would tank a decent amount of time, but not good enough. Kinng Hunter would be the next follow up pile for Genesis. Vindicator78 would be the next target after for Genesis. Surprisingly, GEN was clearing member after member in this 2v1 war. Genesis was tightly formed, they moved together, and were not caught up in the mix up. Genesis did have spaces to breathe and regroup, and took full advantage of that. This fight was like watching cautious dogs fighting. One dog being more powerful than the other (PH+TT). One tank in which was doing really well was Bearszszzssz, who taunted GEN. He lasted a long while tanking for the opposing clan. The war however was far from over, as GEN regrouped and headed to fight north of Red Dragon Isle. PH+TT would end up piling 2brew for the third time and claiming yet another kill. The fight would go on back to from where it first began. Genesis, now, losing their edge in this war, still showed much heart and would not call it quits. At this point of the fight it seemed as if it was only PH and GEN doing the fighting, seeing as (from the official report) TT had called it a night. Genesis would quickly take a kill (Bearzzzzzzzz) and be on top of the spider hill. At this point, Genesis was greasing the gears and transitioning smoothly on PH members, claiming the lives of a few. They would calmly walk back and forth searching for their enemies. It is here that I speculate that Gensis already knew they had won this long war, but they kept travelling southeast along the Red Dragon Isle moving west. They ended up going to mossies at level 36 slowly killing anyone in their way. Eventually they would kill Margie (correct name if wrong as i suspect it had an "o" instead of the "a") and go into another clash with PH. Genesis completely overpowered PH and chased a few of their tanks around. The fight would resume back to spiders then head east. They would make their way back west and clash again with PH. The fight was jumping all around Red Dragon Isle! GEN would clear away from the action and regroup and resume back and claim another kill. Pure Hatred, however, did not call it quits. They came back and tried to overthrow Gen's form, but could not. The fight would slowly die down, still, both sides showed no intent on leaving early. Genesis would walk north and call it a day, while PH would stay in singles trying to regroup again. Genesis, in my opinion, played the game very well and held off PH+TT for a long time. Their transitions were smooth, though at times, rough. They simply came back from the 2v1, gained control, and walked home feeling proud, happy, and victorious. Ending the 40 minute clash. Monday Wars Reign Of Terror Vs Violent Resolution Reign of Terror stayed in a Fall In command at spider hill, then suddenly, "Rot DJ" would be a spam called. War had just began. ROT wasted no time getting down to business. After DJ was "insta-killed", RoT would work there way on someone named lith(?). The next follow up pile was D1E. RoT were as tight as ever and showed no mercy to Violent Resolution. Much like what VR did to EOS, RoT was doing the exact same to VR. RoT came fully prepared with extraordinary blasters and binders, and great rushers and archers. VR tried to tank as long as they could, but RoT simply had the K0 Power. They would slowly make their way west (level 44 wilderness) before falling in. RoT would end up buying enough time to regroup, breathe, and head back into the deadly clash. RoT made quick work of Purple Days and discarded him as if he was a piece of paper. RoT displayed absolutely a top performance. After that quick kill, RoT had even more time to regroup and prowed around spider hill, back to the starting point. RoT was still hitting such severe blows upon VR members, that not even I can believe it! The war ended up going into a big messy scrambly at level 44 wilderness just south of spider Hill. RoT's tanks were simply superb and because of them, they gave RoT's offenses time to regroup (even though they didn't need it), and head back into battle. RoT would try to make quick work of another VR member but let him go as they could not be forced to be dragged east so they came back and made work off of Lips. RoT was constantly regrouping and charging and because of this we must look at their tankers. RoT's tankers simply played a crucial part in this war. If RoT's tanks were easily one banged, we would see a war in which both clans would struggle to keep their own members on the main pile. The action would be so intense that both clans would possibly have to be forced to manually call for a regroup. RoT would simply blast away at the enemy and if the enemy was binded, a full head on rush attack would be there to cause a severe blow. RoT was organized and showed dominance throughout the whole entire fight. The fight would be entirely based by spider hill, no one would take this spot away from RoT. VR would try as best as they could to keep up with RoT, but it did not seem to be happening. The war was consistently about tanking and quick transitioning. VR seemed to play the transitioning part well but the tanking was not up to par, compared to RoT's. The war would eventually, and RoT would claim another victory. Please Discuss away ------------->
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