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  1. I admit, he's gorgeous... But why is he a bastard?
  2. That's an awesome smile :) and you look great :) You should put that pic as your av here on the board! Glad to hear you're doing better, it all starts with a positive attitude! I myself have been in a dark place, and instead of sitting there and letting it happen, I got up and made the changes I wanted and now I'm doing lots better :) I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm working on it and making sure I smile at least once a day, even if only for myself :)
  3. That's great to hear :) By the sound of things, things are getting lots better for you :)
  4. I use the runescape client to play, i'll go test(as i did not change all that much when rs changed) Edit: I just went into daemonheim and opened the map, and it shows the map in the program. I can also add those key icons. I use windows 7 and the runescape client, havent moved the position of the map.
  5. ah, mine will still show up there. I didnt know I could move that lol and if you release a temp basic DGSweeper, just add a note(or window) telling ppl that when they open the dungeoneering map in the game, it has to be in the centre of the screen. That should make a lot of ppl happy who are waiting for at least some of the program to become available :)
  6. Explain what you mean exactly by re-positioning your central interface? Or else just post a screenshot of how the interface should look?
  7. Well it's good to hear that you are having a great time :) That is also important! Just let us know when you're back and working on DGSweeper :) We can be patient(or at least... I can lol can't speak for everyone else :P)
  8. So.... How was the ending of the camping trip? Or did you decide to stay longer?
  9. ok :) enjoy your time with them all untill monday eve :) Not sure when that will be for me, but I'll probably find out tomorrow :)
  10. It's good that it doesnt hurt anymore :) and indeed, at least you can walk :) So if I understand correctly, you're already gone on your camping trip? At least you can check the board and give us updates :) So when will you be back?
  11. Congratulations on filing the suit :) I did not know about the problem with your leg, does it hurt much? At least you can now walk around on it again and actually do stuff yourself! I hope you have loads of fun on your camping trip, how long will you be going for?
  12. Yeah for doing dungeorneering fast it's not that usefull, but I also use it to get a little bit more exp after I'm done with the boss. I usually gather wood/ore/herbs when I see them, so those icons wouldnt really be usefull for me but others might find it usefull. Besides, just becouse the icons would be there, wont mean you have to use them. The people who just want to do it as fast as they can, can just ignore those icons. I browsed through the other topics, and it looks like others would like the skilling icons as well. I've tried that map tool, and it's pretty good. Now if only it would also show the doors so I wouldnt have to keep checking my own map lol Edit: What Elucido is saying is also a good point, on my computer, the item tray icon automatically hides so unless i customize it, i'd have to go look for it between the dozen other icons that are down there. Would be usefull to get an minimize and X button in the map itself if that is possible.
  13. how about an icon for doors you cannot open becouse your skill is too low? I dont dungeoneer with others, so for me red crosses for example would be usefull so i'll remember i cannot go there. Edit: also, i'd find it usefull to get icons for farming patches and altars. I'm forever trying to remember where those were.
  14. It looks good, you wouldnt have to go back to the home page and then select what you want to do, you could go from one feature straight to another one.
  15. Ok so it sounds like that for just the map and being able to place those keystones should be able to get fixed quickly. Are you going to do that and update the program we use and then fix the party details or are you going to do both first and then update?
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