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  1. Runescape employees are incompetent, rude and condescending. Don't ever pay ahead for a membership EVER. They will rip you off and give you the run around even if you've been playing peacefully for years. They lie and insist they are right and you have no repercussions with them at all. Worst customer service EVER! Buyer beware.
  2. Got banned again for macroing! I don't think their "sophisticated program " is working
  3. lol Runescape is such a joke! They unbanned me today. No apologies, no explanations, nothing :eek:
  4. I was unfairly banned fro macroing 2 days ago. So yes it does happen. They said, "The Ban was made as our systems had detected use of an illegal bit of software active on your account. This can be in the form of botting or using automatedscripts that play the game for you, without requiring you to be at the keyboard to play" Problem is I have no idea what they're talking about ! i've never cheated or used any type of program to cheat on RS! I'm a 41 year old woman whose kids got her into playing many years ago, and I enjoy playing it to pass my time. Why would I cheat? This makes no sense to me at all. Meanwhile i'm banned for 14 days for something I didn't do, have no idea how to prevent it from happening again, and am out for all the new events! I am so mad that I paid until Feb. 2014! I want my money back! :oops:
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