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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Marco, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Portugal. I started playing Runescape more or less 9 years ago, and since that I had alot of accounts, but as i was a real Noob, I lost them all! Ye, that's true... But ok, let's continue. In the old days, I was a cbter like most of the players but one day I met a guy who was Skiller, and after couple time talking he asked me to try to be a Skiller and I accepted the challenge. Since that day I've been working on this account, and it's my main account. Well, this is my history, not let's talk about goals. .Money 1.000 K2.000 K4.000 K8.000 K10.000 K15.000 K20.000K25.000 K30.000 K50.000 K75.000 K100.000 K150.000 K200.000 K.Levels 88 / 90 Runecrafting88 / 90 Farming85 / 90 Divination93 / 95 Mining86 / 90 Smithing.Total level 50075010001250150017501820.Skills at level 99 99 Cooking - 07/09/201299 Firemaking - 21/07/201399 Fletching - 21/07/201499 Fishing - 30/08/201499 Woodcutting - 30/08/201499 Hunter - 12/11/201499 Dungeoneering - 12/12/2014.More info My clan: emulousMy current total level: 1607What i'm current doing: RunecraftingMy friend chat: portugalchatMy visited clan: elitists (dead, but still have some friends)My current total experience: 141.969.370
  2. We have a Facebook page too, if you want to take a look just click here. Our Requirements at the moment are: - For skillers: 1k+ Overall; - For non skillers: 1750+ Overall; - Active. ~ Clan Citadel is not mandatory ~ Owners: - A Skiller - - Retsu9 - - Rurique - We wish you enjoy our clan! Feel free to pm "A Skiller" for any question. You can also join our clan as guest.
  3. bump yea 1500 total level 80 farming target reached money updates and some other stuff.
  4. - Air Guitar unlocked - 2 target levels reached - money updates - some other stuff, check my youtube channel
  5. Hey guys, i make a break of fishing and i'm on my way to 75 or maybe 80 runecrafting. i reached 71 :)
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