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  1. Haiduk - Death Portent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2SaE-YdLA4
  2. Haiduk Melodic Blackened Death Metal New Albu\m/ – Exomancer https://haiduk.bandcamp.com Haiduk – Subverse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTA9_rocw8Q Haiduk – Evil Art https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a8_Vt7L_q4
  3. Youtube vids not working? Metalheads check out Haiduk! http://www.haiduk.ca
  4. Metalheads check out! \m/ Death metal solo project HAIDUK http://www.haiduk.ca Check out and comment
  5. Greetings, blackened death metal necromancer HAIDUK returns with a crushing new release! “DEMONICON”! Inspired by fantasy books & games. CD booklet features a map and short stories relating to demons from the volcanic fortress of Octavia in the realm of Callost. Check out and comment! metal crypt [4/5]metal-rules [4/5] brutalism [5/5] canadian beats [5/5] bravewords [8/10] blackened death [8/10] metal trenches [9/10] pest webzine [8.5/10] Album Available At: http://www.haiduk.ca .........
  6. Greetings! Inspired by fantasy worlds of Gielinor, Forgotten Realms, Diablo, Dragonlance…. Death metal necromancer HAIDUK brings the Spellbook of black magic! HAIDUK - Spellbook http://www.haiduk.ca Fast, Crushing as Hell Evil Blackened Death Thrash! Filled with extensive embedded magic texts.
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