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  1. Fixed it myself. Google Chrome seems to be the problem for both. Now I just get annoying script debugging errors, even though I have those disabled through IE. <_<
  2. This has been happening as long as I can remember, I don't know how I can about explaining this, so I'll try my best. When I left-click or right-click inside of the SwiftKit client, it acts as if I'm clicking out of the client, then clicking back in. Highlighting the taskbar. Here's a GIF to show you what I mean. Look closely at where all of the links are. IE file, view, etc. http://gyazo.com/064bdf987d55077d86b710959fd49ffc Also, what is that white thing on the left side of my client? I've tried removing SwiftKit, restarting my PC, then re-installing it again. That does not seem to fix either of these things.
  3. Requesting a close on this thread; I've found out my problem. It was actually Google Chrome not displaying the images. I tried out Firefox, & that seems to work. Although I prefer Google Chrome. >_>
  4. I've actually been able to post this on Forums such as vBulletin & IP.Board prior to this. Just recently this past week is the only time I've experienced this. I've also been using these websites for over a year. Never had this before. >_> To the Moderators, if you see this; sorry for breaking the rules! That is my main avatar, I'm so used to using it on every site I visit. As for the Private Servers, I didn't mean to actually "advertise" it! Again, sorry for the inconvenience!
  5. [@Stev - link removed and sent to @Ile in PM] I've provided screenshots of what it looks like when I go in to edit the post when my image disappears.
  6. Hello, all! Approximately a week ago, I've started encountering problems with screenshots. They'll upload perfectly fine, it's just when I paste them, they'll seem to disappear... Odd, right? Yeah. The image disappears, or just doesn't even show up. Often, I'll get this: Also, when I go in to edit the post since the image disappears, there will be no image link. It will just be this: [/img] The following Forums I encounter this problem on: vBulletin & IPBoards. (Note: my Default Browser is Google Chrome). I've re-installed SwiftKit, I've done everything I could to think of a solution for this, nothing has worked. Thoughts? Is this happening to anybody else? EDIT: It happened on this site, too! Could this be a problem with ImageShack? Imgur seems to work for me MOST of the time. Eventually, I'll have to alter between the two & they'll both fail sometimes. SwiftKit is an everyday tool I use, & I hope to see this issue be resolved! Now using imgur to upload the screenshots.
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