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  1. Thanks a lot. :-) I just went to try Armadyl with ranged, and oh my God, I can't believe how easy it was. I even found Armadyl to be easier than K'ril because it didn't even have a special attack like K'ril does. I think I'm going to camp there now. :-D
  2. I just went bossing for the very first time in my RuneScape career. K'ril Tsutsaroth was my first target. I went alone and was prepared to die as I don't have very fast reflexes. Against all my expectations, it was actually surprisingly easy. I killed him multiple times in a row but didn't get any good drops though. But this made me ask myself the following question; K'ril was so easy but how do the other bosses compare? Are they a lot harder to kill than K'ril or are they somewhat the same level? If not, which one is the second easiest to kill? I'd like to work my way up then and go from easy to hard. I went with mage by the way, and I used fire surge.
  3. I'm currently 64 slayer. I keep on seeing all of these delicious adventurer's logs from monsters such as rorarii and scutarii and I'd like to dive into killing them too but the thing is... I REALLY hate slaying. I realize that I'll have to bite the bullet in order to enjoy those great drops too though. Anyways, how long can I expect to be training slayer in order to get to 81? Also, I have another question but I don't want to open a separate topic for it so I'll just ask it here: to access automaton guardians (I know I need 67 slayer for that but that seems a lot easier than 81 anyways), do I only need to finish the 'The World Wakes' quest, or do I also need to do RotM, chosen commander, branches of darkmeyer, firemaker's cure and void stares back? Thanks!
  4. There are tons of ways to make money in RuneScape, but the vast majority of these methods are dependent on the community. Many methods almost always require the player to gather one or more of this or that item and sell it to other players. As a result, the player will acquire money from the other player who gives it in return for the item(s). But let's imagine the following: Jagex has just updated the game; they fully disabled trading, you can no longer trade by any means. You can no longer receive money from other players and you must generate your own money from scratch. What will be your new main source of income?
  5. Ooooh so I won't get 1,890 xp per frost dragon bones on a gilded altar? Damn, then I won't get there. :-( Thanks for the warning!
  6. I did some calculations and I found out that I'd be able to get 92 prayer in the double xp weekend but that would require me to spend ALL of my money... so I'll be completely broke. Is it worth doing this?
  7. I'm tired of my Armadyl Battlestaff, staves aren't any good anymore in EoC. However, I cannot afford a virtus wand so the battlestaff was my only hope all of this time. Of course, I have a treachery wand in the bank but I don't really like it that much either, it's not really good. The new abyssal wand + orb could be the answer to my magic problems. However, I don't know if the current prices are too high or too low for the stats of the wand. I am dying to try them out though, but I don't know if it would be wise to spend my money on them right now. Should I buy now or wait until the price evens out a little more?
  8. Magic: Full subjugation and armadyll battlestaff / wand of treachery + magic dfs Range: Royal d'hide + royal crossbow
  9. I would like to start bossing because I need some money badly. I've never been bossing before. I am not interested in going with a group because I don't like to depend on people, I want to be able to go at any time of the day whenever I wish so. Anyways, I'd like to try bossing at GWD, but I don't know which one I'll be able to take down with my stats. My stats are as follows: 60 attack 60 strength 81 defence 82 ranging 58 prayer 99 magic 89 constitution 88 summoning Thanks in advance!
  10. Okay so apparently everyone already did the Heroes quest seeing as there's no response to my previous thread. I'm gonna give out a 1m reward for help with Heroes quest. I need a Black Arms gang member to complete the quest. Leave a reply here if you want to help. You can help out even after you have already completed the quest and it only takes 5 minutes of your time so that's quick money. Thanks in advance!
  11. I attack four dwarf trader guards and trap them in that one room with the two doors that can be closed. Then I attack another four dwarf trader guards and I trap them in the other room with the two doors that I can close. I can then thieve for a little while, but after a few minutes, the dwarf trader guards magically respawn in the centre of the Trade Octagon. I thought there was some troll killing the guards so I switched worlds and tried it again. The same thing happened. I went to a third world and again it happened. Last week though, when I went to the dwarf traders for the first time, I cannot recall the guards respawning. Some other player must have trapped them in a way so that they would not respawn. With todays system update though, they got reset. Anyone know how to trap them so that they do not respawn?
  12. Oh my God, I did it!! :D I hope that I will never have to do this again. Thanks for all the replies.
  13. Wow this is utter bullshit. I barely got to the fourth stage, had no food left but managed to click brandish, and it said 'You brandish the bow in front of you' for 10 times. I died but the bow is still not forged. What the actual [bleep]...
  14. Hello everyone. I just got 80 ranged and I want to get a Royal crossbow. I figured that I would need to get it brandished at the QBD though and I'm honestly a little bit scared about that. I already went there some time ago when I didn't have 80 ranged with the intent to kill her for her loot and I died countless times. Now, I don't need to actually kill her completely though for the crossbow, I just need to get to that one phase where her breath is so hot it brandishes my bow. So.... any tips on how to get to that phase with my noob stats? Here are my stats: * 89 constitution * 58 attack * 81 defence * 57 strength * 80 ranged * 99 magic * 58 prayer * 86 summoning Thanks in advance!
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