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  1. Hello, my name is Adam (Pk Vexx), I have been playing runescape off and on for several years now. I'm 26 years old. I started way back in old school. I haven't really kept up with all the changes made over the past 1-2 years and am just recently getting back into RS. I love being a part of a clan/group and I am interested in finding a good group of guys to play with. Must be mature! I prefer non-mandatory event clans because I play in my spare time (I'm married, full time job, own a house). Sometimes I'm on for 10 hours straight sometimes I'm not on for a couple days. I do keep up on clan forums though. I don't want a big clan, I like the smaller ones. I'm also not really into warring, I wouldn't mind learning new ways to pk though. I recently found a passion for skilling so that's cool. I have a great head on my shoulders and the past 2 clans I was in, I was a high council member. My job was talking to new members, keeping their moral up and making sure their transition into the clan was smooth. I answered questions and was 1 of 3 in charge of recruitment. I also had 1 of the 8 votes for new code of conducts in the clans. Those clans leaders both quit playing runescape and the clans kind of fell apart. Anyways, if you want to talk message me in game or on here. Thanks. I do not know my total level or combat level off hand.
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