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  1. The only reason I still use Swiftkit is the automatically correctly resized screenshots and convenient way to drag screenshots. Since that is broken for me right now (see my topic), and apart from a question if I'm using the Chrome option I hear nothing more about it, and since Java is causing me more and more troubles lately, I might go for the official client to circumvent Java and look for a screenshot application that does the same thing as Swiftkit does for me. (gee, that's a long sentence) I've been using Swiftkit for many, many years - since way before it was called Swiftkit, Swiftswitch was awesome - and it's an awesome application, but not really needed anymore for the average player. Only the screenshot option(s) are still very relevant to me.
  2. Yes, but the same thing happens when I'm not using the Chrome option.
  3. As you can see, my screenshot gets cut off at the bottom and right side, and it's showing a small bit of the menu options at the top. Does anyone else have this problem? EDIT: this is with the "screenshot entire screen" option turned on;
  4. I never know what to put in these intro's, so I'll just give a list of who I am: IRL name: Martijn RS name: Kael Forshaw Nationality: Dutch Age: 23 Height: 1.99m/6ft6in Playing since: 2003/2004 (with 2 longer breaks, in ~2006 and in 2012/2013) Playing on this account since: 2013 Longterm goals: quest cape and 99 divination untrimmed Likes: cycling, going to festivals, oreos, photography, reading, playing RS (duh). Dislikes: peanuts, excessive rain when I'm at a festival. Twitter: @RSMartijn
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