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  1. I was recently in a clan called the clan of pride because my friend invited me in, i have literally just started playing again after like 7 years or so, and they were really nice people but just couldn't take a joke, they took it too seriously so we left, but i kinda like the atmosphere and there always being people online to talk to, so i'm looking for a new clan, never really done this before, so yeah, basically fun relaxed clan that can chill but still do clan things like the citadel and training etc My stats are (combat level 174 i think ) Range level : 83 Attack Level: 82 Defence Level: 82 Strength Level: 88 Constitution Level: 87Basically have a look yourself aha, http://services.runescape.com/m=adventurers-log/c=xHWzSdiEKsk/
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