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  1. Thanks for the tip, I have a bunch of pendants saved up to help out with this too :)
  2. Hi everyone, this is my post to document my journey to all 99's. I've been playing RS on several different characters (was a potty mouth and got banned so many times) since 2001, but finally have managed to keep myself out of trouble since 2006 on magicminer90 and got my first 99 ever in Mining. I'm very proud of that :) Anywho, I hope you all like the post and future updates. Current Goals - January 12th, 2014: Get Bandos helm and gloves via mining runite to complete my Bandos set. Currently at 2.6M cash so it won't be long. Get all my skills to level 50, starting with dungeoneering because I will gain xp in almost all skills this way at the same time. Stats pic - January 12th, 2014: Update Logs Stats Pic - January 14th, 2014: Levels Gained: 3 Dungeoneering from 20 to 23 3 Summoning from 11 to 14 1 Attack level from 78 to 79 2 Prayer levels from 46 to 48 3 Slayer levels from 24 to 27 2 Farming level from 7 to 9. Stats Pic - January 18th, 2014: Levels Gained: 5 Farmining levels from 9 to 14
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