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  1. That sucks man, hope you guys get it figured out soon. Thanks for keeping me updated.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. I was using the Chrome Frame to play HTML5. It proved difficult to play using swift kit and chrome separately, so i just went back to java (chrome unchecked) for now till you guys fix the issue.
  3. Aww bummer, at least you guys know what's up. All I can say is i appreciate your quick response and hard work on the matter, I know theses things aren't easy. Just keep doing a great job and get it fixed as soon as you can! :D
  4. So I've been trying to play runescape using swiftkit with "use chrome" checked off. However, everytime try it gives me an error message "unable to grab hold of Chrome... ensure you have the latest verion of Chrome installed." Now i've check to make sure Chrome was updated and visa versa. I've even gone back and looked at posts of people with the same problem in the past year. I've tried all the fixes to no avail. It was originally working fine up until recently, So im guessing someone hasn't gotten a chance to get to it, as i read the other posts. But please could you fix this asap, life is hard having to play one game with two programs open, even with two monitors :S. Thanks in advance! -Esplodere
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