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  1. Here's hoping Stev is still around. :rolleyes: Edit: Someone came up with a great idea to quickly setup for DGSweeper without having to restart a custom preset. Simply enable HUDs, and switch between your custom preset and on like retro or something (not Old School). Position Central Interface so that it's exactly where it appears in the non-custom preset. I did this, very carefully. Map still will not load in custom preset (or even if I take any of the other presets and make minimal modifications to the surface level stuff to make them usable for dungeoneering and save them). So the only way I can use DGS at the moment is to switch between retro (for allowing DGS to copy the map) and then back to my preferred preset to actually do the dungeon. This is almost not worth the effort. :( Win 8.1 Have tried to make this work on the official Jagex client, Firefox 27.0.1, and Google Chrome 32.0.1700.107. Any help would be appreciated! :shades:
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