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  1. While killing rock crabs trying to get gloves and splinters for the legs i got an eiffigy!!! still no gloves or splinters tho :(
  2. I started my diy a couple of weeks ago and I figure that I might as well post my progress here. My current stats are here What I did when I first started was I did warbands and sold the supplies to the tree to get money so I could make planks. I trained my woodcutting by cutting logs/oak logs and using the money to make them into planks so that I could train my construction to 69 so that I could boost to make a gilded altar which as you can see I have done :) I then did the nexus to get 40 prayer. I then started to train my stats to do some quest and get some gear. I am going to try to keep this updated as much as possible. So far I am having a lot of fun on my diy and it is a good break form training my stats on my main for that max cape (which i am just need 2 skills to be 99 for). As for what I plan to do shortish term is getting full rock shell, spinned, and skeletal, 55 magic for high alch, 60 combat stats, 43 prayer and do some quest.
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