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  1. So me and my friend have recently started duoing Bandos together, and we really enjoy it. We can stay for about 15-20 kills per trip, and I think that's pretty good with our low end gear/stats. Our current setup is him tanking in torags with a zammy spear, his stats being 86 attack 84 defence 85 strength and 70 pray. I go Dps mage with full gano and a SOL. I have 92 magic. I have higher CB stats then him, but we thought he should tank because I have a high mage level for dps. My stats are 91 strength 84 attack 85 defence and 65 prayer. I use earth surge, though I do have ancients. Is there any better setup we could use? I also have full void with mage helm, so that is an option. I'm also open to switching to melee if that would be better. If you need any more stats please let me know. Our banks aren't very good, so nothing too expensive. Thanks guys
  2. Ok, so apparently it showed up after I messed with the filters. It ONLY shows up in the free/members filter, so I can do it now. Sorry for your time, and thanks
  3. I'm very confused right now. Very, VERY confused. So, I have been doing GWD with a friend for a while, duoing bandos. A while ago today we thought we should try and get trollheim teleport to make it easier. I thought fair enough, quest shouldn't be too hard. Then I looked for the quest. I was confused because it wasn't in my uncomplete list. So then I thought I already finished it, and was happy! Tried to teleport and it told me I needed Eadger's ruse. Eadger's ruse is not on my quest list. At all. Anywhere. I can't even start the quest at tanfew. What even is this.. I must be hallucinating because I have read through the quest list about 10 times now. Help?
  4. Dung just seems so difficult thought >.>. I'm going to try, though Thanks guys
  5. So dungeoneering would be the best place to go? Not summoning training or moneymaking?
  6. Thanks for the help guys. I think I'll go for dungeoneering. I'm pretty new to that, and I'm not sure if I'm doing right. At level 48 dung I usually get like 2.5k exp per room and it takes me like 15 minutes. I reset last night and started from floor one, going up all on complexity 6. Is that correct for soloing?
  7. Hey guys, new here and this place looks pretty cool. Glad to be here. But I have a question that has been bugging me for a while. The thing I have the most fun on runescape with is pvm, so that is what I want to focus my account on. I just really don't know what to do. I know there are plenty of things that will benifit me greatly, like Chaotics, SS, Overloads, Yaks and all of these things. I just need to know what I should put my time into to make me able to PvM a lot. I'll list out my CB stats and some other info, if you need anything else just ask. Stats are 91 strength, 84 attack, 85 defence, 91 mage, 80 range, 65 prayer and 58 summoning. My bank is only 3m cash right now, but I have Dharok's, gano, void (all 3 styles), and some dragonhide. Also have a lot of runes lying around. So guys what would be my best investments? Also, only 48 or so dung. Thought I'd throw that in. Thanks in advance.
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