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  1. Banter Introduction The goal of this clan is to provide a mature environment where the idea of a lackluster conversation and a five minute friend is a thing of the past. The aim of every individual of the clan is to create a strong bond with the other members of the clan. This bond will not be restricted to only runescape matters, but rather, be strong enough to last a lifetime. As the clan grows, the members will discuss amongst themselves and decide on what they would like to do, thereby setting up events on their own. Requirements Fluent in EnglishComfortable with who you are as an individual and mature enough to be able to hold a conversationStrong grasp on sarcasmStrong sense of humorA large amount of common senseHelpful to other clan membersSomeone who is patientAble to take the initiative to create events, start conversations, etc.Things that are Forbidden: Bragging or attempt to establish superiorityAdvertising twitch streamsBonus: Having a skype account [we can create a skype group to chat outside the game, maybe have skype group calls in the future if people are comfortable with it]Lover of anime and manga [We could watch anime together, I am personally a big fan of anime/manga and have watched a variety of titles]Fan of Game of Thrones [we could watch game of thrones together]Have a ton of music to share/familiar with plug.djif you've got a timezone that is compatible with ESTIf you have read everything that has been posted above and are interested in joining the clan, please join: Clan Chat: Aeysoi Clan Name: Banter Warning: this is a new clan and therefore it will not be filled with members from the get-go. You can join in and help create this clan. There is no application because it’s a hassle for both parties and I am sure we can learn about each other through a conversation. RS forum find
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