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  1. I'll be watching this one for sure! Looks nice goodluck with your goals man!
  2. Uploading a usefull daily money tip in a hour or two be sure to check it out !
  3. Abrasumente's Progress Hello guys and welcome to my blog. I've decided to start my own blog because I'm now afking most of my time so it should be easy to update my blog daily or atleast every two days. You do need to know that this is not a new account. First of all a bit information about myself: My name is Bjørn and I live in Belgium I'm 18 years old and my hobbies are football, music, and going out with friends. I've started playing runescape in 2006 but now is the year I actually started getting levels and training stuff. Things I'll be posting in this blog: I'll be posting all sorts of things in this blog also if you guys want to see something ask me and I'll upload a picture or whatever you want! 1.0 Goals: 2.0 Achievements: 3.0 Skills (updated picture every day): 4.0 Information of the day: 5.0 Mini Series: 6.0 Tips and Experience rates: 1.0 Goals: 2100 Total level 100.000.000 Total experience All skills 75 based More coming soon! 2.0 Achievements: Haven't got any achievements since the blog just started! 3.0 Skills: 5th May 2014 4.0 Information of the Day: 4th of May 2014: I decided to get 74 hunt so i can make some juju farming potions these are amazing for herbs! This was my best plan I've had in ages on Runescape... I also thought about starting a mini series and I was like I want something I can afk so I decided to go for 76-80 fishing with only fishing sharks! This should take long but It's afk and easy so i can hold on to it hopefully. Today I leveled 10 levels: 58-61 Divination, 70-72 Construction, 70-74 Hunter and 75-76 Fishing not too much but not bad at all! 5.0 Mini Series: I'm going to do a mini serie now and then I'll post progress and pictures involving the series in this section! Get 76 to 80 fishing with only fishing sharks. Started 4th of May - Ended ... 6.0 Tips and Experience rates: I like to test out different things in Runescape if I can find some usefull hints or tips or any good experience rates I'll be posting it here! Daily money hint:
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