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  1. Northeast of Keldagrim entrance, about 2 paces north of ice sculpture. I do have a screenshot, but not sure how to add it here.
  2. I do beadwork, too. This is fantastic!
  3. Oh bollacks I missed a step. Got the diamond and all is good. Thank you so much for your time!! :wacko:
  4. I've gone through all the steps and to the Ice Gate itself. At that point, nothing works to get me through the gate.
  5. How does one get past the Ice Gate? Chop it? Fire Spell? Agility level? Help, please?
  6. Hey, it's "Be Nice to Newbies on Tip.It Week"! Seriously, I am a newbie to Tip.It, and didn't want to start off by making a mistake. Better look stupid than make a major screw up. :-) If you can place yourself and/or lure the Grifolapine to one of the paths so you can attack diagonally, when it says "Raaargh!" it will not get and closer to attack you. Instead it will *sigh*. This also saves on neem oil. If it does get close enough to attack, a well-timed neem oil sprinkle will defuse it's attack on you.
  7. My current assignment is Grifolapine. I have noticed some tactics that seem to make them easier to kill. How do I submit my suggestions?
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