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  1. - About Stud Unit We are a PVM-Based Clan with one of the most active Clan Chats on the game, this gives you the opportunity to create a team at any time of the day having people from all over the world. Several events are being hosted every week, these are not mandatory and will never be. We have a fantastic Community, friends are easily made. If you're fairly new to Pvming, or don't meet the requirements of Stud Unit yet, you're free to join our weekly events. Don't worry to lose your items, you have the full protection of the Stud Unit family! - Things you will find within Stud Unit * One of the most active Clan Chats in Old School Runescape * Teams * Clan Site + Team Speak * Weekly Pvm Events * Help/Information to efficiently PVM - Clan Information www.StudUnit.com #Stud-Unit on IRC Stud Unit 07 (Clan Chat)* Our Application process runs through the Official Runescape forums, you can find our thread under Old School Runescape Forums > Old School Runescape Clans. Click here to go to the thread * Feel free to hang around in the Stud Unit Clan Chat, even if you don't meet the requirements. People who are being a good addition to the Clan Chat will receive a Smiley Rank. - Requirements Normal Requirements 115+ Combat - Amulet of Fury - Fire Cape - Whip/Gs/Ss or Zammy Hasta - Dragon Boots - Guthan's set or Sgs - Karil's top or Zammy Dhide Body - Dragon Halberd/Ags/Sgs or Zgs - Piety - Helm of Neitiznot or Figther Hat - Barrow Gloves/D Gloves Ranged Tank Requirements 105+ Combat - 90+ Defense - 90+ Ranged - 90+ Magic - 70+ prayer - Amulet of Fury - Armadyl Crossbow - Ava's Accumulator - Ranged void set or Armadyl Top/Bottom - Zammy vambraces+ - DFS or Odium Ward
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