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  1. haha np :) i killed the minions (werewolfs, spiritual rangers and bloodvelds) i have slayer level of 63 so rangers were the best spirituals i could kill.... the point here is just that people get 1 piece of set per 1000kc and i get full set with under 1000kc... its just funny to me how lucky i was or something.
  2. well i just got the cuirras lol... i have like 740kc in total now this is insane i have sick ass luck or jagex is just giving the set to me wow.....
  3. yeah i think i only need the chest and boots right?? and i didnt get them when the event was on i stopped playing when eoc came and now im back cuz of the legacy
  4. I am asking this cuz i have got 4 pieces (gloves, greaves, cape and head piece) with just like 600kc in total... i got 2 pieces from just 60kc..... i have read that people get 1 item per 1k killcount....
  5. hmm than you spiritual rangers seem to be good xp i just need to do some slayer first :) damn kalphite queen
  6. def 70 str 84 atk 76 pray 51 hp 78 slayer 58 i cant do slayer since i have to kill kalphite queen and i doubt i can solo it cuz i cant do the second phase with 57 rng..... or 58 mage. id like to get my str to 99 but where is the best place to do so? my cb is 95.
  7. atk 75 str 76 def 70 pray 43 I can do barrows with veracs armour and a saradomin sword without any problems... i mean all the six i cant fight the seventh one. My combat level is 90 and i hardly even use food about 4-7 monkfishes if i pray all bosses :) i can do around 3-4 runs. -spy
  8. Yeah... i can kill kbd fairly easy in legacy with prot from mage on and swordfishes :D i have been killing him for a while now no good drops yet tho :/ which one is better/easier
  9. CB 87 STR 74 ATK 70 DEF 70 PRAY 37 CON 71 MAGE 44 RNG 54 And i have full veracs or an alternative gear with Dplatelegs, Granite body, Helm of neiz, whip, Dragonfire sheild (for dragons), and other low level stuff... I am looking for bosses that i can kill with melee and preferably in legacy servers if it is possible.
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