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  1. Well I've just created a new account. Maybe JaGeX is changing their way of reviewing appeals in the future. I'm quite powerless if they won't let me contact them in any way, anyways. Thanks for your opinions and tips! I've learned from this experience, but it still sucks to lose an account I've spent 380 days of my life on. (minus the few hours I had botted back then) Also ^^ thanks for thesek, cheered me up :) And I don't quite see how I got banned 3 times in a row either :/
  2. Yeah, right, this sounds ridiculous.
  3. Thanks for your replies! I'm certainly going to try Tweeting one of the mods, regardless of their thoughts of permanently banned accounts. The injustice, in my eyes, is where I get permanently banned for the maybe 100k-ish xp I had botted of 3-4 years ago, while I know others that get away with a second chance, even though they botted themselves some 99's. NO ROLLBACKS!
  4. Hey Tipit, I was banned about 4 months ago and I took immediate action, appealing and E-mailing Runescape but then I found out that they wouldn't go over any bans anymore. I panicked for about a month but then I tried to forget about it. My account had about my whole childhood, consisting of 380 days playtime. I always had fun playing runescape, wasn't out for money, wasn't out for big skills. Have never achieved something like a 99 or a 100m cash stack. But I tried to get all collectibles from events and all that good stuff. I must say that I had tried some bots 3-4 years ago, and I'm really sorry I did that. Didn't made my game any better though, and now I'm paying a price, it seems :( But I think that I can at least get a second chance, right? I'm older now... I really don't wanna start a new account, This one has all my hard worked for noob stuff, and some fun event items. People told me to get on Twitter and tweet any of the staff members to see if they would at least read the appeals I've made and consider giving me a second chance, but I'm not sure how to do that. Does anybody have tips for me? I'd like to hear your stories too :)
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