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  1. True that. I mean, I'm anxiously awaiting a 15 year cape tbh. The RSC cape is pretty cool too. Though I got on RSC the other day and it's literally NOTHING but bots. Such a shame they don't have a JMOD there to clean up house.
  2. Yea, strange thing is though, I've been a consecutive member since 2009 LoL. Thats at least 5 right, being generous with the months and such? Air Assault
  3. Just so you guys can have a better understanding of what i'm talking about. The two red boxes are there to highlight things. The first red box is the listing of the Mithril Platebody. The second red box is highlighting the level needed which is reading Level 66 Smithing. The picture in the above posts says otherwise. Thanks Team Tip.It. -Goa Apophis
  4. Hello, Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but I hope that it gets fixed regardless. I noticed that the smithing experience table is listing level 66 needed for smithing the Mithril Platebody. I double checked it just incase I had misread it. The correct level needed is level 68 smithing. Here is a screen shot from in game showing the correct level needed. Thanks guys, I hope this helps Team Tip.It make the correction! -Goa Apophis
  5. I hope this helps you guys keep your stuff updated. I've been using your site since like 2003. I remember back in the day when if you tried to type in tip.it into the runescape chat, that it was blocked out with ***.** lol
  6. Hello, I'd like to add a new item to your Item Database please. I noticed there is a Crown of Loyalty for both 1 year and 2 year. I recently discovered a Crown of Loyalty in my bank that is the Crown of Loyalty (3 Year). Do I need to post a screen shot of it? -Goa Apophis
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