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  1. I did exactly as you said, after installing Java it even told me that I already have Java and even asked me if I want to replace it with this new one and I accepted. I closed Swiftkit and re-opened it but the exact same screen comes up. Any other suggestions that might help?
  2. Thank you, much obliged brother.
  3. It's my first time downloading Swiftkit, unfortunately there has been a small bug that doesn't let me play on it. When I press "Play now", before I can get to the login screen of Runescape it tells me that I need to download and install Runescape to my desktop to continue playing.. At first I thought this was a necessity in-order to play, but I did what they told me to and the "Install Runescape" screen still pops up. I watched several guides on YouTube and checked the Swiftkit forums, but none seem to have the same problem nor did anyone complain about it, I also tried re-installing Swiftkit but it's still the same. Since I didn't see any topics about this I decided to post myself, and any help would be really appreciated.
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