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  1. My name is Addison, I'm from the USA East Coast (GMT -5) and would love my fellow clan members to be from around that timezone as well. I recently just got into Runescape so my skills are all below even 5 xP New but already paid for subscription! Because I know I'm going to love Runescape, I'm going to be here for quite awhile! Things have changed in Runescape and I'm really excited to be here. I'll be even more excited if I can find myself a friendly clan full of awesome people :3 And an ACTIVE clan at that too :) Any member activity in a clan is fine.. I just don't want it to be dead and only a few people on when I play XD I love to do things together as a group. I'd love it if your clan does clan events, meetups and get together, stuff like that. Any group activity is fun to me, I really love to be around others and make great friends. I'm a loyal, faithful, honest, and respectful person. I'm also a friendly person and would love to be around other friendly people as well =) I don't really like drama though, that puts me down and makes me sad. I'm sensitive to that!
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