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  1. I'm 100% as to there is NO little sheild at the top right blocking java. xD I made sure to enable it. and it still does it. EDIT: There was during the gifs, because It wasn't enabled, but I've enabled it since than. And it still does it.
  2. Works perfect on firefox, but chrome is just like "Nope ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )"
  3. I'm happy as well, now if only I could login to the website. Which it still won't let me do. :x Maybe if I try another browser?
  4. Exactly my point. :x Well, you guys are very helpful, so with how much posts I've already made, I might as well stay on the forum. No point in getting that many and just leaving. Especially when the community is pretty decent. I can't go to a library, as I don't have a library card, nor do I want to use their computers. At the last library I went to back in 10, runescape was blocked, Couldn't even access their websites. And I don't have a laptop, so I can't take my laptop. EDIT: Okay, that was completely odd. I just logged in, typed thew same username i've been wanting, and this time it let me in. .-. wot? Eh, who cares I'm happy! c:
  5. Thanks for all your help, but if they can't resolve this, I'm possibly never going to play Runescape again. Like I said a few posts earlier, they NEED to get their heads in the game. But it seems like it won't ever happen.
  6. Oh jesus. xD Brad Pitt. :x So, how long do you think until this is resolved? have they replied on twitter?
  7. Wot. xD Yeah it's got me very curious as well. It honestly upsets me. Because I wanted to get back into skilling, and I can't.
  8. I've already tried making another account, it's done the same exact thing. :/
  9. Takes me to character creation again.
  10. Is it possible for you to record what happens? I have Gyazo, I can always make a gif of me trying it out?
  11. I believe I've got another problem. When I try to login to the site, it shows NO errors. yet, it doesn't let me login, it just keeps redirecting me back to the login page.
  12. Thanks for the Help, I'll go take a look at these now. (: and as from what I've read, apparently people had the problem right after the project.
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