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  1. ¸,.•*ˆ*•¸GREETINGS ADVENTURER!¸•*ˆ*•.,¸ So, you have found your way to our informational/recruiting thread. Let me briefly explain who we are: We're "High Velocity", a newer clan, with a goal of creating a friendly, helpful and mature social community to enhance Runescape players' game-time. If you're interested in joining, and being instrumental in shaping, a clan with those things prioritized, then we're a clan for you. - Quick info • Clan chat: High Velocity • Home world: 60 • Citadel Tier 4 (2 Avatars) • Timezone: Multi High Velocity Invision Forums: http://s13.zifboards.com/High_Velocity/index.php? [1.2] ¸,.•*ˆ*•¸Contents¸•*ˆ*•.,¸ 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Contents 1.3 Requirements 1.4 General information 1.5 Ranking 1.6 Rules 1.7 Staff 1.8 Avatar(s) 1.9 Apply to Join our clan. [1.3] ¸,.•*ˆ*•¸Requirements¸•*ˆ*•.,¸ With an average total level of 1700 we are looking to recruit new members with 1500 or higher total. We will still consider your main account if it is close to that, on a case by case basis, so please still do apply if you are interested. We are working at building up group activities like dungeoneering and some group pvm, so we do encourage those who enter with lower stats to work hard at improving. so they can eventually participate on all levels with their fellow clan-mates. The only clan activity we actually "require" is that our members take 10 seconds each week, at the beginning of our citadel build tick, to pop into the citadel, take a peak at the wonderous thing that it is, and exit again. Capping in the citadel is not required but will be greatly appreciated and recognized. We currently have a tier 4 citadel with 2 Avatars - if you benefit from the avatars it makes sense to contribute to their existence by taking care of your citadel. ;) [1.4] ¸,.•*ˆ*•¸General information¸•*ˆ*•.,¸ Our intention is to be an all around (Multi-purpose) clan. Whether your strengths are in skilling, killing or just spilling in the cc, you are most welcome to join our community. Diversity is fun, and you just might make someone else's game more interesting by introducing them to new things in the game. :) When you join, please take a moment to visit our Clan Forum where there is more information for members. This is a private forum just for our clan. You must be logged in to get there. Once logged in, from the main page, choose Community and then Clans. [1.5] ¸,.•*ˆ*•¸Ranking¸•*ˆ*•.,¸ Ranking up in this clan will be fair, and very easy if you participate in the community. If you are helping the clan in a constructive way you will see yourself moving along in rank at a good pace. Higher ranks have modest total level requirements. A simple set of clan priorities will always be accessible on the clan's private forum, and you can easily gather points for ranks from your various clan activities. Those interested in ranking up more quickly will want to be sure to help the clan with what is most needed. Some of those activities may include the following: ~Capping in the Citadel ~Recruiting new members ~Leading/Participating in Events *Active in the Clan Chat ~Total XP gained while in clan (A more complete list is available to members in our clan forum). [1.6] ¸,.•*ˆ*•¸Rules¸•*ˆ*•.,¸ We comply with all Runescape rules in this clan. In addition, we regard each other as family and certain conduct is expected in our Clan Chat or anywhere our clan gathers together. 1. Treat your fellow clan mates with respect. 3. No begging/asking for items. 4. No buying/selling in the Clan Chat. 5. No arguing in the Clan Chat. 6. Speak English in the Clan Chat. Breaking any of our Clan Chat specific or Runescape rules may impact your progress in the clan or result in your removal. [1.7] ¸,.•*ˆ*•¸Staff¸•*ˆ*•.,¸ Owner: Felicity Overseer: MageK Organisers: Le Teutonic [1.8] ¸,.•*ˆ*•¸Avatar(s) -World 60¸•*ˆ*•.,¸ World 60 will be our "official" clan home world. You are not required to stay in this world; we realize you may be doing something that makes another world more suitable. However, if you want to benefit from the 3 -6% boost from the avatar while skilling, W60 is where the Clan Avatar will be (if it's out). The second avatar may be in the citadel or occasionally a second world depending on the clan's needs. We will certainly try our best to have them out as much as possible. [1.9] ¸,.•*ˆ*•¸Application¸•*ˆ*•.,¸ If you wish you join High Velocity, please fill out the application form below and post it in this thread. THE FORM :) Your RuneScape name: Combat/Total levels: Will you abide by Jagex and clan rules?: Previous clan experience: Why do you want to join High Velocity?: As a clan-mate I plan to pitch in by (Please choose A. or B. below): A. I plan to cap regularly in the Citadel. B. I prefer not to cap in the Citadel but I plan to help in other ways. (please describe here) If someone in our clan recruited you, please let us know: Other interesting information about you (optional):
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