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  1. Hello! Thank you for your interest in Milestone. We're a community-based clan which mostly entertains and encourages social relation in-game. Clan name: Milestone Current citadel tier: 4 Current total members: 160 Clan founders: Dona, MyIceCream, Bind How to join: PM Dona, Bind or any other Admin+, join our clan chat as a guest and ask for an invite, or simply leave a comment here. There's currently no systematic arrangement for clan events, but we aim to organize non-mandatory activities—PvM, Dungeoneering, Skilling, D&D's, Minigames, gathering/meeting—on a regular basis. We welcome clan members for event hosting as well. Clan chat: - Hate speech of any sort will not be tolerated - Do not beg or ask for items from members - Refrain from spamming - Profanity is allowed, but only when used sparingly Ranking: Ranks are mainly based on member's contribution to the clan such as recruiting, citadel resource capping, event hosting. It is also subjected to circumstance. (Please do not beg for ranks as it will not only be of annoyance to members, it will also negate your chances of getting one at all) Please refer any clan conflict to Admins and above. Also, do abide by existing Runescape rules. Happy scaping. Credit: Dona
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