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  1. Looking for a clan.

  2. Recently got some free time again so decided to re-take up RuneScape, been playing for the past few weeks and must say I am really enjoying the game again so have decided to look for a clan of like minded individuals, had some fun in the past with a variety of different clans, PK, PvM, Skilling. I am not really into the PKing side of things nowadays but would love to get back into the swing of PvM. What I am looking for: Active Clan - 20+ Members online most afternoons/nights EU Time Zone ClanPeople who want to do group PvM, Slayer, Skilling, Mini-Games and others often.Would love if Clan had voice comms but not 100% necessary.A little help learning the changes in the game PvM wise, newer bosses etc. What I Offer: I have player RS for 10+ years on and off. I know how to do the majority of things in the game pre-2012 ish.Fully self-sufficient, I have good gear and supplies for all 3 combat styles.Very Active - Roughly 30+ Hours every week.I love getting involved with events as often as possible.**I Cannot do events at 21:00 UTC Wednesdays and 19:00 UTC Saturdays for a couple of hours due to ESL World of Tanks admin commitments** Current Skills & Personal Goals: Finishing 99 Attack and Defence.Completing various quests I have missed (starting with Elf ones).Working on Divination (lvl 5 ftw) If you have any questions or queries you would like to ask, feel free to PM me in game, on forums or reply here.
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