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  1. Hey guys thanks for the help. Steve set me up with an acc recovery and I am now ban free. :D I love Steve.
  2. How do you submit a ticket? From everything I've read they don't accept tickets about perm bans for macroing major...
  3. Yeah, I know it's bad. I did it all on my phone makes it a little hard to format.
  4. I've had a conversation with a jagex mod (Steve W) via the jagexsupport twitter account. I had to send quite a few tweets before he would respond bu eventually he did.. Here is the first tweet I sent out "@JagexSupport Hey I've been wrongfully banned for "macroing major". Wondering if there's anything that can be done to resolve this." to which I recieved no response. I will give them that that was at 8pm (outside of their 0400-1600 est support hours) so I waited until about halfway through the support time the next day and tweeted "@JagexSupport Hey i know you don't respond to messages like this, but could someone look at my account?" Then a couple hours later I got a little upset and tweeted "@JagexSupport I've given you guys over 200 dollars in membership and you don't have the common courtesy to just explain what I've done?" followed by "@JagexSupport Account name is nicklaus88" i waited till the next day and tweeted this "@JagexSupport Could you guys at least respond? This is getting ridiculous." Finally they respond with the typical bs "@nicklaus88 Please check out our information regarding permanent bans on our Twitter header and at http://t.co/cMhneKonqT SW" I responded with "@JagexSupport I've read that Steve, but that hardly helps me. You people are insane if you think I'm just going to forget about this." no response... I waited an hour and tweeted "@JagexSupport I can't just throw 60 days of my life away. Is there an email address or a phone number I can call to actually talk 2 someone?" I was rather upset at Steve at this point. I saw him tweeting and helping other people who tweeted after me. Including aproving an appeal from a rather attractive female for a permanent mute. So he had obviously been ignoring me. He responded about 10 minutes later saying "@nicklaus88 It looks like your acc went to RWT in about March last year, they have had it ever since and finally got it banned SW" i didnt quite understand what he was saying i tweeted asking what RWT was he didn't respond which is reasonable i don't need a jagex mod to tell me something that can be found out with a quick google search so I did that and responded trying to get a better understanding of what he was telling me "@JagexSupport Okay so what do you mean went to RWT? like somebody tried to sell my account?" He responded "@nicklaus88 Known real world traders have been using the account for a long time SW" Which seemed reasonable that that coupd be so I had to have the password reset i believe around 2 months for the ban and that was also when i stopped playing until August when I got on and saw the ban I'll put a link up to the appeal i submitted in august and the ban itself. I replied to him, thinking we might actually get somewhere "@JagexSupport So is there anything we can do so I can recover the account?" he replied "@nicklaus88 It looks like you haven't played it in a long time - they have and now got it banned, sorry but it's now lost SW" I replied swiftly an hour before the support hours ended "@JagexSupport what do you mean? So because I didn't play for a year i got banned? That's it? There's nothing you can do?" he didnt respond. So does anyone have any ideas or am I like Steve says completely screwed. Edit: http://imgur.com/MwCGdGh Link to the ban and appeal. This was the only offence on the account other than temporary mutes that expired 5 years ago (for cursing)
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