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  1. Thats a shame Arceus, had some good times, and we had a great bunch of people, still need to get myself used to the new (to me) interface, can't remember how to do loads of things!! i am a level 120 noob!! and i will look out for you ingame thanks for the offer.
  2. Hello people of TET possibly returning after a few years! how i remember the old TET events name is eckythump0 tried to get to all the events i could back in the day, sorry been so long since i took part can't remember any names :-( ~I would imagine all the names have changed since i last logged on but i remember cab-a-geeeee!! and re-enacting 300 ~(the film) in the wilderness!!, then we might have all gone on a fishing trip............ mend that boat!!!
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