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  1. Pleeeeeeease read the text in bold, right at the end. It describes you how far I am in the game. I don't want anyone to recruit me thinking I've made it far in the game Hello everyone, my name is Addison. I signed up on Rune Tips to look for a clan to join. I'd love to join a social, friendly, active, dedicated clan of people who really enjoy and love Runescape. And don't see themselves quitting anytime soon. I'd love to jump onto Runescape and be a long-term player making some friends along the way and have a blast! I'm 26 years old and don't mind the ages of a clan, but I really do want to be in a more mature clan. No drama. Just friends and a tight-knit group of people having a good time. I live in the United States of America and my timezone is GMT -5. I'd love for the majority of players in a clan to be around this timezone/USA. So, I can play/chat with others! I've been an on and off Runescape player and never really got far in the game, every time I decide to play. Mostly because of me hopping from game to game enjoying them all. But this time, I'm going to stick myself into Runescape because I enjoy older games more then those 3D and high graphic games. Plus, my other laptop broke down and this one isn't so big in gaming so Runescape (And another game) is just enough for me. I'd really love to stick around Runescape this time and make some friends along the way and play with others. Like I said, This is my new fresh account/just made my new character so EVERY SKILL is Level 1-2 right now. I'm a free player but I've got some money to become a member after I've found a clan willing to take me in =)
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