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  1. im pretty much down for anything love the mini games haha and help out when i can. oh and i do have a mic so i guess thats a plus
  2. hey just wanted to drop by and fairly new and this site i pretty awesome on the basics and...well everything else haha. but the reason why im posting is cause i searched and searched and cant seem to find an answer to my question literally anywhere, and thats why im turning to the experts. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Steam_battlestaff. im sure we are familiar with the site cause u 2 sites are my go to sites but something caught my eye when i went down to the status of the staff. It is the ONLY staff in its level range to have an accuracy rating AND an attack rating. i have double checked on ur site and it says no such thing. is there and attachment or something u can buy with it? it just struck me as very...unconventional. if someone could clarify this for me id great appreciate cause if its actually tru that one bad ass staff lol. and and not be mistaken with the upgrade to the mystic battle staff if thats what u thought i was getting confused about. and always feel free to hit me up in the game. drewskibruh
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